Latest news
  • Version Release 0.9.1 1.29.2011 the latest release of the menu system fixing a few bugs and from what I have tested works with the latest Jquery release.
  • Version Release 0.9.1 1.29.2011 You can download the latest release of SliderMenu Here from the Jquery plugin site.

Welcome to SliderMenu Home

Though certainly nothing new in the world of Jquery or even menu systems (Or even the name for that matter) Slider Menu is a small compact menu animation plugin that creates a simple yet smooth menu using a UL list (shocking I know).

Below is a small preview of how it works visit the How to Use page for the juicy details on how to really make it your own.

Simple to use. The following code is all that was used. <script type="text/javascript" >
</ script >

About the Plugin

The plugin itself doesn't have any amazing background to it; I just simply need a simple yet nice and functioning menu. From that need sliderMenu was created. (Exciting I know)

Slider menu was inspired by the so many flash menus out there that were smooth and nice looking. The menu colors and styles come from CSS for the reason of reusability and simplicities sake. It can be used as the main navigation, or as what I originally made it for a sub page menu system.